The power of partnership: CPSC works with cities to achieve sustainable community-wide reductions in violence. In each city where we work, CPSC engages a broad cross-section of community stakeholders concerned with violence—including criminal justice agencies, faith leaders, community organizers, youth and their advocates, street outreach efforts, service providers, victims of violence, residents of neighborhoods affected by violence and the formerly incarcerated—to build working alliances that span the often deep divisions among criminal justice agencies, the community, and young people at highest risk of gun violence.

Making communities safe without increasing incarceration: Central to CPSC’s approach is the direct and respectful communication of a powerful anti-violence message to young people at highest risk of violence by these alliances of community leaders. This remarkably effective, evidence-based intervention enables communities to realize a previously elusive goal: achieving significant, timely reductions in street violence while reducing the reliance of cities on enforcement strategies that increase recidivism and incarceration.